Brand Storytelling Workshop

Delve into your brand and get a whole new take on how stories define your brand.


  • How do I tell my story?
  • How do I communicate + attract people to what I do?
  • How do I bring my deepest truth to my work and how I express myself?


  • How do I connect with people on a heart level, not just a business and intellectual level?
  • How do I find and share my message, effortlessly?
  • How do I find my WHY, my purpose?



I address all those questions, helping you find your story and give life and meaning to your brand.

Not only do YOU have a story to tell, but the stories you tell anchor your understanding of WHY you do what you do and the value you offer to the world.

Your stories help you attract the right people for all the right reasons.

Stories are more than just “engaging content” – fundamentally, our stories shape and define our strategies.

Our stories ARE our brand. They are the purest message of what we do.

I want to help you find yours... help you find your voice and share your truth to grow your business.

If you feel your brand message feels distant, not you, or isn't making the impact you know it can make, come along. If you want to find your "WHY", your purpose and voice, this storytelling workshop with surface it and nurture it.


I’m all about radical authenticity.

But as human beings, we fail at emotional honesty.

We struggle to share who we really are, how we’re really feeling, and what we really believe in.

We grow up in a world learning what we should or should not show to others.

We keep unhealthy secrets, especially during tough times. Then we fall into a rabbit hole of disconnection, depression, loneliness, with a deep lack of meaning and fulfilment.

As Brene Brown says, vulnerability is the thing we first want to see in others, but the last thing we want others to see in ourselves.

We fail to realise: What makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful. It makes us human.

When we allow ourselves to be authentic and imperfect, then we can show up in the world in a real, honest and meaningful way. 

That’s when we can start telling stories that truly connect, inspire, lead and shape a healthier world.


Because when we share our stories, we impact the world through the healing power of sharing and telling the truth.




You might be thinking "that sounds great Amanda, but what can we expect?"

Well, its a blend of brand discovery, self-discovery and storytelling methodology. You’ll dig into your brand and get a whole new understanding of how to tell your story in a way that feels “right”, REAL and distinctly YOU.

You will:


Explore your brand

It’s about taking time out to really examine all the areas that make you, YOU. Your uniqueness, your selling point, your Story

Learn the storytelling methodology

You'll learn how to craft a story, not from the mind, but from the heart so it connects on an emotional level

Develop your story

No “theories” here. We’ll be working directly on your story in the workshop so you make real progress on your brand

Make a plan of action

What’s next for your brand and business? Name it, call it, get direction + hold yourself accountable for taking action on it

Get fired up with the group dynamics

The workshop is interactive and consensus building – the chemistry, discovery and feedback in the sessions are so cool (just ask some of the folks who’ve attended)



    client testimonial storytelling www.amandablum.comworkshop testimonial - rachael peedomclient testimonial of brand storytelling workshopClient testimonial - Vicki Lew
  • "I had gone into the workshop pretty well-prepared, but it threw me off - I came out of it with a much, much better outcome than the one in my head. I dig stuff like this!

    The workshop didn't give me the writing skills that I thought I was going to get - it gave me something even dearer!

    Now when I write an email, when I talk to a client, when I create a presentation deck, I keep going back to what I learned from the workshop, and it becomes clearer and more natural how I say the things I want to say. There's that clarity and lightness that I didn't think would come out from a workshop like this. Come to think of it, maybe that's the writing skill we are all lacking.

    I have been raving about this to my friends. Some of them are intrigued by the experience that I had and I'd love for them to find an unique and authentic voice for their businesses too. I'm so happy I went to the workshop. Your guidance and the rest of the group in the workshop could not be more helpful."


  • "Two weeks ago, we launched Giftyard and we have been wowed by the experience. Thanks to Amanda we got our first footing right. Our brains are brimming with stories we are gonna share, products we will be churning out, events we are going to hold, collaborations we are going to make. Behold, the year of execution!

    There are some people you should align yourself with when you start a business. Or even when you want your brand to make an impact, it's up to you to recognise the angels who are there to help. Amanda, she's one of them."
  • “Amanda provided me with clarity and direction to help pull my story together in the space of only a couple of hours. My only regret is that I didn't do her course 18 months ago when I first started my business. I am certain it would have progressed much faster if I had.” 

    Rachael Peedom
    Sea shanty villa rental in Bali.  
  • "I wanted to get clarity on my branding story and why I do what I do. I was struggling with getting clear on my why and how to communicate that it in the clearest and strongest way. I was hoping I would have a better understanding of which brand to focus on and how to communicate it. Amanda’s workshop was more than I expected! She deep dived and took us through this incredible process, where every single person in the room had an epiphany and gained clarity and drive.  Amanda is authentic, knowledgeable and incredible at reading between the lines to bring something out and to light. That is where the magic happened! The workshop was a welcoming, safe and inspiring environment which really allowed for creativity and clarity to surface. If you are open and trust in the process, you will experience something really special and feel the shift in your branding."

  • "After 7 years of running our design studio, Brew Creative, my business partner Gobbs and I wanted to rejuvenate our own brand and realign our value proposition, in order to take the business to the next level. We did several rounds of brainstorming ourselves, but quickly realised 2 things:

    1. We were getting nowhere because we were too close to the subject matter and found it hard to let go

    2. We were our own worst clients (and critics) as we were perfectionists and nothing was good enough

    We knew we needed someone to help us sort it out through fresh and unbiased eyes, which we knew Amanda was really good at.
    To be honest, some parts of the workshop were a little confronting as we had to face some hard truths and commit to letting go of things that didn't work for us.

    Overall, we had a lot of fun and laughs, got a lot of hard work done, and learnt from our fellow participants too. Attending Amanda's brand storytelling workshop was a big help because:

    • We finally got the clarity we needed and had a good direction to work from; we stopped feeling overwhelmed

    • We were re-energised and inspired by Amanda and fellow participants

    • We were happy with the ideas and directions we took away, because they came from us, as opposed to being spoon-fed, so there was more ownership

    When it comes to your brand, you can't kid around. Amanda has the ability to help you discover your values and message, in a no-fluff, no-bull kind of way. We highly recommend Amanda's brand storytelling workshop to get the clarity you need and set things in motion!" 
  • "During the time that I have known Amanda, she has always come across as someone so authentic (what you see and hear is what she is). Due to the nature of my work, I know and work with many brand strategists and brand consultants, so when I knew of Amanda’s workshop, I had a feeling that Amanda would help bring out my brand story which was always inside me but had been struggling to surface.
    I was right! my brand story became so clear with the exercises Amanda walked us through and made us undertake, her crystal clear thought provoking questions and the peer (other participants) sharing (everyone was eager to help each other to extract and understand their respective brand story).
    Amanda’s brand story workshop is a must for those who want to build a brand. Building a brand takes time but every brand must have an authentic genuine story. Every brand has its story but often it is buried under so many layers from life’s circumstances and expectations of the world. Amanda brings that story to surface and suddenly it is so clear! Just loved it. Thank you Amanda" 
    Renee Xavier
    Director of Alpha and Omega IP Law Firm

Watch this in-depth interview with one of our participants!

Who it’s for

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Individuals working on their personal branding
  • Leaders + decision makers in the company (those who shape the company culture and marketing)

What to expect

You’ll laugh, learn and discover, that’s for sure. You’ll have ah-ha moments and maybe some emotional moments that’ll have me passing you a box of tissues. It happens a lot in this workshop.

Why? It’s a place to explore and connect deeply. I help you peel back the layers, hunting for your truth. When you find it, you’ll know it.

Sometimes it’ll transform your strategy. Other times it’ll surface where you need to put in the work. Either way, it’ll give you the spring board to move your brand forward.