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Nathalie is a lady with many layers to her profession - and because of the nature of her work, it's easy to misunderstand. We had to really drill down into the value behind her work, what her client really wants and what they are going through to create content that connects. The result is a story that is both personal and effective!

What Nathalie had to say about working with me


I heard a lot of great things about Amanda from various people so, as I was getting increasingly frustrated by my limitations to convey the right message about my business, I decided to engage her services.

I was impressed by Amanda's ability to quickly grasp my business and the issues that needed to be fixed. What truly amazed me was her ability to reformulate my thoughts in a simple yet powerful way. At times it felt she was inside my mind!

I fell in love with what she wrote. Working with Amanda was a privilege

nathalie client testimonial

Shola Asante

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