My Healing Journeys

The proof is in the pudding – here are some success stories.


Each of the people I work with make me fall in love a little bit more. Many people come to me for brand and content strategy and to nail their story (which we certainly do!) but the real magic is when people live a better story because of it. Abelene wanted help with her marketing strategy, and together we identified the blocks (both with self and strategy), areas of improvement and the approach for moving forward so she can get her message out and market with confidence.

What Abelene had to say about working with me

quoteAmanda is sharp and spot on. I felt guided, assured and on the right track. The process of crystalizing the strategy, however, was gruelling. I needed to soul search and ask myself sometimes deep fundamental questions that would made me question my core. This is when Amanda was able to recognise my moment of doubt and give me a poke. I was made to confront my insecurities that were blocking me. It was done in a most classy and caring way. Amanda is one of a kind. Anyone can write, but only Amanda Blum has the sharp intuition to know exactly what to write about, to whom, why and how.



My Healing Journeys

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