My Pure Earth

The proof is in the pudding – here are some success stories.


Vision and Impact. These are the two words that came to mind when I first learned about My Pure Earth. The brand carries a huge vision to create a ripple effect of change by encouraging, guiding and inspiring consumers to buy eco-friendly, low-impact products and make small, everyday changes to their lifestyle for the good of people and planet. I connected with it immediately and was so happy when Marra wanted to work with me to bring out the story and her role in it. Together we looked at the best way to tell the story so people could immediately connect with the bigger mission and be part of it.

What Marra Hensby had to say about working with me

quoteAmanda brings a rare mixture of creative storytelling skills and business savvy to her projects. She truly knows how to drill down to the heart of the business and sharpen the overall messaging. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


Marra Hensby

My Pure Earth

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