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I was really excited to work on this project – it was fun with a slight challenge: how do you talk about sex toys in a way that’s positive and empowering? How do you create a content strategy that engages and informs while remaining provocative? Rachel has the personality and talent to pull it off and it was a delight to offer the guidance, words and strategy to bring it all together.

What Rachel Ridgwell had to say about working with me

quoteI am always in awe when Amanda speaks so I decided I needed to be able to tell a story just like her to captivate my audience and bring life to my business. Amanda asks the right questions and found ways to explore and write about my business that I just could not. She gave a clear layout of my project and spoke to me like a friend, not a client. There was no b*llshit! Amanda inspires the uninspired - she helps people create an honest story about their business, something they can be proud of!

Rachel Ridgwell

Ohh Lah Lah

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