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Launching their very own shoe brand and inspired by culture, heritage and couture, I was really excited to take on this project and let my creativity loose! Shola and Dolopo have an incredible vision – rich, eloquent and just funky! The result? A brand story and web copy that catches you mid-step.

What Shola, Sante & Wade had to say about working with me


I had the pleasure of working with Amanda while developing the brand story for my business. It was a really enjoyable experience and didn’t feel like work at all.  Amanda waded through my streams of consciousness and somehow latched on to the nexus of my ideas; not just what we are doing but why. And she’s clearly a very good listener because she produced copy that really hit home. I read what she wrote and thought – wow, she really gets us.

That sort of instant understanding is priceless, after all if your brand storyteller does not understand who and what you are, then how will the customer? I also appreciated that she took our suggestions on board; she distilled the scattershot of my thoughts and helped find the core of our vision, but rather than discard the other jumble of ideas, she organized and prioritised them.

It means nothing is wasted, no thought or idea too small or irrelevant. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else embarking on a business. She understands that in today’s market place what differentiates one business from another is a story that customers can engage and identify with.

Amanda is a born storyteller.


Shola Asante

Sante & Wade

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