Teacher Ping

The proof is in the pudding – here are some success stories.


When Ping asked me to help her with her idea, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do – whether she was going to set up a business, sell her syllabus, or create products, etc. We went on a journey to define her big dream, brand it with heart, market it and get it moving!

Six months later and she’s defined her service, launched a website, copyrighted her IP (logo, workshops and curriculum), recruited her first 50 clients and opened her own music academy. Ping has a huge heart and a powerful story – it was a privilege to tap into it.

What Ping had to say about working with me

quoteI had a goal to setup a music business since 2014. Over the years, the direction was meandering. I was going nowhere with my business plan. Then I found Amanda. The journey has been incredible. From branding a product to branding myself - it was a big learning curve for me, needing to face my fears of being fully in the limelight. 

Amanda supported me in ways that others tried but could not move me. She was listening and was non-judgmental. She was accepting and open to anything I had to say. Most importantly, she gave me space to explore what I want, and yet balanced it enough to have me achieve the milestones we both set together. 

Today, I found business investors who believe in my vision, set up social media platforms, created an effective website, and am putting my business plans into action... now I wake up every day thinking what's next for Teacher Ping! Thank you Amanda!

Goo Gui Ping

Teacher Ping

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