Them You and Me

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Marie is a lady full of passion and ideas. She has lots of business experience and is no stranger to the branding process - she's a digital mentor and implementor herself! But as most people can attest, sometimes we're too close to our own work, so I acted as a sounding board for Marie - she shared her convictions and talents, and I helped her distill the positioning and story. Now she's flying with her Hummingbird. 


What Marie had to say about working with me

quote“It's one thing to write for someone else, but it is completely another to write for yourself. With that in mind, I wanted to have an external perspective, from someone I could be myself with. Amanda makes people feel comfortable and is great with words. She made the process enjoyable and motivating. The brainstorming session was the kind everyone starting a business or being at a crossroad should have. I was asked challenging questions that made me think. Amanda voiced out things that I didn't know how to say and others I was very passionate about. Amanda captured it! Storytelling is key today, especially online. Storytelling and content writing must be done right. It’s so important to find a writer with great chemistry. Thank you, Amanda!

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Them You and Me


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