Content wars. Are you losing the battle with your content?

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Content wars. Are you losing the battle with your content?


I attended Women’s Startup Conversations today, an event for women running (or thinking about running) a businesses. The topic was everyone’s best enemy and allay alike: CONTENT and how to create meaningful content to engage in conversations with customers.

Content is an interesting word, isn’t it?

We all have our interpretations: “messaging, webcopy, blogs and sales material” were some versions I heard today.

But what is it really?

By definition content is:

  1. something that is contained. ie. the contents of a box.
  2. the subjects or topics covered in a book or document.
  3. something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts
  4. significance or profundity; meaning

I hate the interpretation of content as most people know it. Most people have a dated interpretation of the word content, as sterile as black and white newspaper ads it was no doubt spurned from.

Content is about one thing: connection. As human beings we create connection through creating a sense of meaning. Our entire lives is a process of applying meaning to things: life events, processes, inanimate objects. It’s how we communicate. It’s how we arrange words, images and sounds to deliver a message into another person. It’s a process of creating magic.

“Creating content” could easily be called creating magic or telepathy, but I suppose that too flowery for business.

But it is magic. How else do you explain the symbols on a screen that enter our psyche to inspire emotions and actions like buying a service or product?

Creating content is about creating connection.

And how do we create connection? By speaking directly to the heart and emotions of a person; through sharing stories, lessons, value or relevance.

And relevance is packaged up in one convenient word: WHY. Tell a person why and you tell them why something is relevant.

Why is your business relevant to them? What pain are you solving? Why did your business come about and what value are you adding? WHY is the questions that resonates deep within all of us. It’s the only questions that sparks meaning and connection the moment we ask it.

Get to the core of why you do what you do, what your brand story is, who you are solving a problem for or whose life you’re are improving, and creating meaningful content becomes intuitive. Because it’s less about selling your product or service and more about addressing a need and rallying people who believe the same thing you do. How are you creating meaning with your business? Why do you do what you do?

Want to find your why and brand story? Check out our workshop, designed to do just that.

I will also be at this year’s Powering Women in Business event for a session on storytelling for your business.


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