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For Companies

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I work with you and your team to find what’s special and unique about your company so we can share that story with the world.

We’ll go deep into your objectives, creating the roadmap and content that changes the way you connect with customers and market your business.

What happens:

  • We explore and define your brand and unique story
  • We find the best way to position what you do along with your products and services
  • We develop your brand story framework that informs all of your branding and marketing activities
  • I translate all that into Killer Website content. Usually includes your:
    - Home page
    - About Page
    - Services/Products Page
  • By the finish line you’ll have the words and strategy to attract the customers who love and connect with what you do


    Rachel Ridgwell
  • If there’s anyone who can view this world from a candid, authentic, deep and yet romantic perspective, it’s Amanda. WE LOVED WHAT SHE WROTE FOR US.

    Team at Lovorth
  • "Amanda asks the right questions and found ways to explore and write about my business that I just could not. She gave a clear layout of my project and spoke to me like a friend, not a client. There was no b*llshit! Amanda inspires the uninspired - she helps people create an honest story about their business, something they can be proud of!"

  • When I read what you put together for us, I said YES, YES, YES, THIS IS IT!

    Sabine’s Baskets
  • "Amanda waded through my streams of consciousness and somehow latched on to the nexus of my ideas; not just what we are doing but why. I read what she wrote and thought – wow, she really gets us. That sort of instant understanding is priceless, after all if your brand storyteller does not understand who and what you are, then how will the customer? Amanda is a born storyteller."


Get the words + strategy now.