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freeing the mind


I talk a lot about “Freeing the Mind” because I truly believe life is a mind game.

We get conditioned by society. We develop fears that aren’t real. We have inner conflicts.

Many people never fulfil their potential because they are a prisoner of their own beliefs and limitations.

It’s subtle. It’s never obvious. It comes in the form of confusion. Feeling lost. Egotism. A lack of confidence. A need for control.

I know this because I suffer from it too and I work really hard at freeing myself so I can do good work + live on my own terms.

I sometimes say I do “branding” or “storytelling” or “coaching” – but what I truly aim to do is set people free.

It sounds cheesy but one way I hope to do that is by striving to live a heart-centred life and encouraging others to do the same… by helping and facilitating ways people can connect with their “heart” / personal sense of truth and purpose.

So many of us are disconnected….

We use our minds far more than our hearts.

We rely on what can be controlled or (exasperated by social media) what everyone else is doing.

We get lost in comparison and (again) what we think we should be doing verses what we truly want.

In my work I am an evangelist for truth.

And that overused word: authenticity.

I wanna resuscitate the word, put a different spin on it so it doesn’t die of cliche.

Cos it’s a word we hear but struggle to embody.

My mission is to be a catalyst for authenticity, so people can live happy, connected and fulfilled lives that go on to positively impact the world.

‘Cos the world needs more love. Real love.

Love that’s expressed every single day. Love that’s felt. Self love. Global love. Universal love.

This isn’t airy-fairy, it real talk.

It’s life and our (very real) co-creation of it.

“Self” is where world peace starts from.

There will never be peace as long as people are fighting with their demons and choosing judgement over compassion.

Self-destruction over forgiveness.

Self-aggrandisement over connection.

Self-sabotage over empowerment.

I believe our challenge in this life is to find balance within. To work on ourselves and achieve self-actualisation (how that may look) so we can be conduits of peace.

I believe that so fully… I feel it as a physical feeling inside my body. My fingers are tingling as I write.

I believe in the good of all humanity… and it makes me think of what Martin Luther King said “That the arch of the Universe may be long, but it always bends towards justice”

When we look at the whole of human history and how we’ve evolved through plagues, servitude and starvation – and while we have this things today, we’re creating things to stop it. We’re becoming aware of our contribution; aware of our power to solve it.

So I believe  in the good of all humanity and each of us have the power to be a catalyst for something better.

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