Notice + let go (a note on worry and overthinking)

a reminder to all creatives, artists and entrepreneurs
A reminder to all creatives, artists and entrepreneurs

Notice + let go (a note on worry and overthinking)

How to stop worrying and overthinking

Have you ever noticed how our personal realities are made up of tiny obsessions?

Our minds are noisy places filled to the brim with repetitive thoughts.

What are your repetitive thoughts?

How many of your thoughts stem from wonder and how many from worry?

How often do you self-chastise? Self-doubt?

Fear you don’t have enough (money, traction, ability, time, etc)? Or that you need to DO more?

Listen closer. 
Pay attention to your mind. 
Pay attention to your obsessions.

It’s a fact that most people have no idea how much our minds’ play the same tape.

We may even justify our worry or preoccupations, believing we have to think/obsess otherwise things will go south, or we’ll loose control, or the worse might happen, or we might get caught off guard, blah blah blah.

It’s an addiction with no reward.

And it’s only when we break free from repetitive thoughts that creativity can emerge.

Whenever my mind does that weird thing where it starts on whatever obsession that picks away at one of my fears or insecurities, I pause and notice it. I might even say to myself “wow, that’s interesting, my mind is doing that thing again” then I say, very deliberately, maybe even aloud: “NOTICE AND LET GO”

I bring awareness to my mind pattern, acknowledge I’ve become “unconscious” (as in, my mind totally went off on one without me realising), then I let it go.

It might happen several times a day, but it doesn’t last long. I don’t go into mind spirals where my thoughts take over to such effect that I start living in the past or future instead of the present.

I’m sharing this not only has it helped free my mind and allowed me to be present in the cliche moment (which-actually-isn’t-really-cliche-at-all but quite rare) but because it’s common.

It’s the modern human condition… where our minds have taken over stillness.

But where there’s stillness, there’s creativity. And that’s always the best place to grow our business.

So y’know: notice and let that shit go.

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