On productivity + going with your natural flow


On productivity + going with your natural flow

My fella is a hardcore gamer and can spend 4 hours straight stuck to the screen.

On his day off the other day, he asks what I think of him playing video games first thing in the morning.

(I give it some thought…)

“Do what makes you feel good,” I say. “But…”

(Of course, there’s a but…)

“Be mindful of how much time you lose to passive activities. Since you can game for hours, by the end of your life, you’d have spent literally YEARS gaming. So the question is, could that time be used for something that adds more value to your life? Gaming is a good way to blow off steam and you should never feel guilty about doing things you enjoy. But to put it in perspective, you could also build something tangible with that time… you could learn a new language, write an article, or create an investment strategy that works for you. It’s all about priorities.”

He then scrolls through audiobooks and contemplates picking up Spanish again.

“Look, I didn’t mean to imply you NEED to be productive. I don’t subscribe to the cult of productivity… or that life is about “achieving things” just because our culture dictates that’s what it means to be “successful”.

I only mean, if gaming is a distraction or an automatic comfort, maybe you could give yourself the space to consider your vision. I don’t mean that in a grandiose “WHAT IS YOUR EARTH SHATTERING PROJECT TO CHANGE THE WORLD?” (although, let’s not rule out that possibility) I mean, what do you envision for your life? Is there anything you feel drawn to or called to do?

For example, I feel compelled to start a vegetable patch. I want to grow food because it makes me feel connected and responsible. I can see myself tending to a small, beautiful garden. That idea excites me, so I want to make a plan around it. I’ll dedicate time to making that vision happen. Not because I need to be more productive, but because it lights me the fuck up and feels aligned in every possible way.

It’s not a goal based on the need to prove something or “be” something… it just feels right. It’s where my creative energy is nudging. And we all have that nudge towards something.

Maybe you are already fulfilling your “nudge” and gaming is a way to keep your balance. In that case, game on, lover.

However, if you’re getting nudged in a direction and you are ignoring the call or too distracted to look at it, maybe its time to hit the pause button so you can listen to that whispering voice.

When you hear it, write it down.

That’s a vision. A goal. And you can to fit into your priorities.

Or maybe you don’t need to do anything.

There’s no right or wrong, only what’s right for you…

There’s only what moves you towards “hell yeah” and less towards “I feel empty, restless, anxious, bored, unfulfilled…”

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