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The holiday lull.

We’re all feeling it.

That extra serving of rice sitting in the corner of our digestive track refusing to move.

Roast potato lodged between the cogs of our metabolism.  

We’re sluggish. The body’s heavy, the mind is slow.

And motivation? Well now, we’ll need to dig deep for that one.

*sips a green juice in a desperate attempt to detox*

At one point over Christmas, I thought I’d never get it back. I have a propensity for extremes:

If I’m demotivated for a few days, I panic I’ve lost my mojo for good. When I’m in flow, I feel like nothing can stop me.

But, alas, reality is somewhere in between.

Over the years, I’ve picked up the tools to remember that – to keep me grounded and moving forward with grace even when there’s inner resistance or when I’m so high on life and don’t want to come down.

Here’s my practice.

If it works for me, there’s a good shot it’ll work for you too.

When demotivation kicks in


There’s a few reasons this happens. Maybe its burn out and you just need a good ol’ fashioned break. The best thing to do here is TAKE ONE and don’t regret it. Bask in doing nothing. Stare at the ceiling. Read on the sofa for six hours straight. Netflix n chill.

Eventually you’ll boomerang back round. You’ll think, okay, that’s enough moping, I’m ready to dive back in!

And if not? If the motivation doesn’t come? Then you need to face the resistance.

It’s time to find a quiet place (away from TV and distractions) and ask:

  • What am I avoiding?
  • What do I NOT want to do?
  • What no longer brings me joy?

The answer is likely to be one of two things:

1) you’ve out-grown your activities and they’ve become more of a chore than an inspiration

2) you’re sabotaging your progress, which means, you’re either facing a crisis of confidence OR an “upper limit problem” and putting a cap on your potential. The momentum is has come to a screeching halt and any attempt to move forward fills you with dread.

Both realisations require work and pulling yourself up by the scruff of your neck (with a hearty dose of love and compassion of course).

It’s the perfect time to reflect and get centred on what’s really going on

If you find your work no longer brings you excitement, ask yourself what does. What do you need to let go of?


Heck, it’ll work better.


What worked in 2016 may not be the flavour of 2017. You’ve grown, your interests change.

Take a big sheet of paper and brain dump every activity you find FUN and REWARDING. Do an audit of the things you enjoy doing and the things you don’t.

Maybe you’re bored of working by yourself and you wanna partner with more people. Maybe you want less remote working and more “in person”. Maybe you want the opposite.

Whatever it is dude, get it on paper.

You need to identify the pain and glimmer of light. Trust me on this.

Once you’re done, use the answers to guide your next steps. Focus on how you’re going to incorporate more of what you want and how you can transition from the things you don’t. Map what it looks like and the steps you need to take.

Once you get this far, I guarantee the motivation will come a’running. If you’re stuck, contact me. It’s not a place you have to dwell alone.

And so, what if you have an upper limit problem and a crisis of confidence?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s painful to realise you are your own worst critic. I’ve confronted my inner beast too over the holidays.

Thoughts like: why do I do this to myself? Why do I still feel unworthy? Why am I shit-scared? And all the monsters that come with it.


Intellectually we understand our potential and what we’re capable of – but when it comes to executing and stepping into the growth and success?

That’s exactly when the critic likes to strike, throwing all kinds of mind-bombs to throw us off track.

*deep breath*

It’s normal. The fear is normal. The resistance is normal.

Its a universal phenomenon. Whenever we move beyond our comfort zone, our egos will pull us back into safety and use every mind trick in the books. 

This is why self-awareness is critical.

Realise what’s going on. The moment you do, you can detach from your thoughts and the jabs feel less personal, less defeating.

Give yourself a good talking to, try saying out loud (ignore the self-judgement of looking crazy) “look, mind, I know you want the best for me and you’re playing worst case scenarios so I’ll stop and listen. But I really want to grow. To do that, I have to try new things and venture into the unknown. I trust in the process of life and that whatever happens will be in my best interest and help me evolve.”

Lay down, clear your mind and try out this guided meditation on overcoming fear 

Try it. Print this out, screen shot it, do whatever you need to do to try out these steps. Once you’ve wrangled with your inner demons, ask yourself:

  • What if everything went right?
  • What if it was easy?
  • What if the worst part is the self-talk, fear of failure and regret of doing nothing at all?

Once you get over the self-conjured fear, taking action is the easy part. Once you start and get over the first big hurdle, a momentum builds. It’s self-perpetuating. I know you know that. 

It feels good to take action. When we take action, we’re too focused to get bogged down with fear.

Or put another way, when we’re in the moment, fear no longer exists.

Use these steps to get out of your head and into action.

Let me know how it goes,

Amanda xxx

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