ON TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS OF LIFE (even when you’re in denial)

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ON TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS OF LIFE (even when you’re in denial)

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Ten years ago (when I was 22, living at home, and thinking tomorrow would never come) my mum came home with a fruit tree shrub.

We didn’t know what it was. Maybe lemons? Maybe limes?

“How long do you think before it fruits?” I asked excitedly.

“Maybe ten years?” mum replied.

Gezzz, that’s forever! I’ll be in my 30s…. (an eternity away).

We planted it. I thought it’d die like all the veggies I tried to grow. Or that a hurricane would take it out.

Planting it was like a tossing a coin in a wishing well. Hopeful for the moment but lacking in faith.

But when my mum visited our old home today she exclaimed “you’ll never guess  The fruit tree grew over 20 feet and has big juicy grapefruits! It was a grapefruit tree! And they’re so sweet, no bitterness at all. The tree is full of them! It bore fruit for the first time last year.”

I couldn’t believe it.

Nature is a marvel and Nature’s always gonna do what it’s gonna do.

A seed grows incrementally each day.

The world evolves just as sure as a leaf reaches for the sun.

And I am now 32, with a decade full of stories and experiences, looking at what’s become of our half-forgotten tree.

The time did indeed arrive, with or without my impatience and disbelief.

Isn’t that just the way with nature and time? 

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