Mastermind Group

Join a mastermind experience. Receive group coaching to build your business.

Support Period
4 months of coaching + accountability + laser focus
Your Investment

This Mastermind group is for entrepreneurs who want to take long-term action with the good vibes, intimacy and support of fellow business owners.

Why a mastermind group?

After every workshop attendees always ask me:

“Can we have a follow up? Can we meet as a group again?”

Attendees practically fall in love with each other after a day of bonding and realisations. 

The love, support and growth that happens is pretty amazing – so I’ve bundled all that love and focus into a 4 month program for you to go on hands-on journey to build your brand with the chemistry that happens with likeminded folks.

There’s something powerful about group dynamics. The mastermind experience solidifies the magic by providing accountability for you to achieve your long-term goals.

It’s not a meet and “see what happens” scenario, or a meet and “forget about everything you discussed and go into the next week with the same motivation.”

It’s about having a power team and a story coach who has your back as you work on your business.




Set and meet your goals, no more procrastinating


Get weekly accountability and support


Make tangible progress

As well as the group dynamic, I work with you one-on-one to create an action plan so you’re working on a strategy specific to your business


Receive feedback and energy from people moving in same direction as you


Attend focused + facilitated + hands-on group workshops and meetings.

We’ll work on:

  • Branding (what you need to know + what you need to do)
  • Self + writing (personal discovery + creative exploration never go amiss)
  • Content creation (create a strategy, work on it, implement it, get feedback + put your systems in place)
  • Sales + strategy (audit, reword your process + get into flow)

Finish your website. Publish your blogs. Get speaking engagements. Implement your sales strategy. Whatever you need to do, get the mojo to DO IT.

Too many times I see entrepreneurs fall off the productivity wagon – they want to do something, but they “don’t have time” or “don’t have the clarity”.


MAKE TIME. Join this mastermind group and GET THE CLARITY + for heaven's sakes MOVE FORWARD. I will personally be championing you and cracking the whip.

I love to facilitate these groups, and more than anything, I want to go on a journey with you so you can get the accountability and support to build your brand. 

Always with love and your vision in mind,

Love, Amanda

Training for your soul + business.

Get inspiration + Get shit done!