Talks & Workshops For Organisations

Looking for something a little different? Something feel-good and yet practical and actionable?


My aim is to uplift and educate while lighting the way through storytelling. I talk about all things branding, marketing, and authenticity while having purpose in everything you do.

A few topics I cover:

  • Using story to create a meaningful brand
  • Creating a conscious business
  • The crazy, awesome truth about storytelling and what it has to do with business
  • Why we live in a storytelling era
  • Connecting through story
  • Purposeful business planning
  • How to pitch

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    Client testimonial - Jayce ThamStephanie DicksonRachel Ridgwell
  • "Amanda was one of our trainers during our Freelancing 101 Bootcamp and the participants were inspired! Amanda is truthful and sincere. She is someone who will give away all she knows and enjoys helping people to grow."

  • We had the pleasure of having Amanda Blum as a speaker at one of our Wedge events. When I discovered Amanda’s page I was instantly intrigued by her work and loved the voice that came across her site. We were holding an event on Creativity & Positivity Storytelling so we thought Amanda would be a great fit. She surpassed expectations and brought everyone along for a beautiful journey with her talk. It was funny, moving and thought provoking - delivered in an authentic and inspiring way. Our audience loved Amanda’s talk and she really connected with everyone in the room. Amanda is a beautifully eloquent speaker who will move your audience with a perfect blend of humour, philosophy, inspiration and knowledge. I would highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!

    Stephanie Dickson
    The Wedge Asia
  • Amanda is one of the most engaging people to listen to. I'm in awe of her passion and brilliance!

    Rachel Ridgwell
    Ohh Lah Lah
  • We contacted Amanda because of her unique experience and positive take on brand storytelling. I am 100% sure people learned at least one new thing they didn’t know about themselves from Amanda’s workshop. The stories and sharing at the workshop were extremely valuable – not only did we get know ourselves but others much better too.


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