For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

(AKA Whip your content + brand into shape, no excuses!)

Support Period
Me + You over 7 Productive, Soul-searching weeks

Your Investment
Starts at £1950

We go on a journey to get your story, your web copy and your content strategy SHINING so you can build a business you LOVE.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re having a major brand overhaul, I help steer your story, guide your ideas and leave you with the clarity and confidence to charge forward with a communication strategy that hits all the right notes and leaves you thinking “Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!”

Your story has to weave across all your web content and marketing activities so it builds trust and converts your dreamboat client.

Over 7 weeks we will:

  • Identify your strengths and gifts to find and tell your unique story
  • Package your ideas so they are sellable and irresistible
  • Build a strategy that governs all your content activities
  • Create website content that stays true to your message and personality while speaking to the heart of your dream customer
  • Get you clear, confident and moving forward with your business and marketing




I always say, let’s make sure the magic is there first!

Let’s have a call so we can be sure we’re a good fit. Trust and commitment are so so important. If you’re in, I’m in.

The first session we’ll cover all the bases and dive into your business and life (yes life) objectives.

My goal is to help you build a brand that is 100% in line with the life that you want. Nothing’s worse than reaching “success”, only to find it’s not really what we want. We’ll go through your vision and goals, peeling back the layers of your story to develop the framework for your brand.

There's tasks and accountability between sessions.

It’s intensive and requires digging deep and lots of writing. By the time we hit the third session, we’ll have carved your message, ready to start zeroing in on your dream client, ie. Your “ideal customer”.

We'll work together to create the perfect web copy to tell your story.

A sweet spot between personal journey, story strategy and customer know-how. I become your coach and editorial guide, helping you refine, rewrite and publish.

Attracting your dream customer is possible!

We look at your services and packages, snipping, pruning, even reworking them until they tell the perfect story that addresses the pinpoint for your dream customer.

A solid foundation to build your brand.

Once we’ve built the foundation and core story, we move onto your content marketing strategy and create an action plan for you to deploy across social media, bringing in the folks who will benefit from your services and message.

Follow your North Star.

By the end, your brand and messaging will feel natural and effortless. You’ll have clarity to move forward.



    nathalie client testimonialGoo Gui Ping
  • I was in the midst of wanting to make something out of my passion, and after seeing Ping (a close friend ) build her business after coaching and support from Amanda, I felt it was time for me to investment in myself.
    Amanda is a powerful coach. She knows what to ask to help you think deeper and have more affirmation about your path. Building my brand and business was not smooth because I still had my full time job, however Amanda held me in commitment to the goal. That's what I needed, otherwise I would be still doing something that I don’t enjoy. I have since quit my job and now focus full time on my passion!
  • "I heard a lot of great things about Amanda from various people so, as I was getting increasingly frustrated by my limitations to convey the right message about my business, I decided to engage her services.

    I was impressed by Amanda's ability to quickly grasp my business and the issues that needed to be fixed. What truly amazed me was her ability to reformulate my thoughts in a simple yet powerful way. At times it felt she was inside my mind!

    I fell in love with what she wrote. Working with Amanda was a privilege."

  • Amanda is sharp and spot on. I felt guided, assured and on the right track. The process of crystalizing the strategy, however, was gruelling. I needed to soul search and ask myself sometimes deep fundamental questions that would made me question my core. I gained so much value that was outside of the scope of work. As an entrepreneur starting out, there are times when I tremble from lack of self-confidence. This is when Amanda was able to recognise my moment of doubt and give me a poke. I was made to confront my insecurities that were blocking me, which were tough to admit and terrifying to confront. But I had to face my fears head on or I will be left paralysed. It was done in a most classy and caring way. Amanda is one of a kind. Anyone can write, but only Amanda Blum has the sharp intuition to know exactly what to write about, to whom, why and how.

    Abelene Hu
    My Healing Journeys
  • The moment I met Amanda I was drawn by her gentle and kind personality. She is passionate and I could relate to her in a way I could not explain. Amanda truly cares about people and entrepreneurs who challenge themselves to build their story and their lives. Working with Amanda was a true adventure into self-discovery and an amazing experience. Amanda stays true to herself and, thanks to her genuine interest in people and love of life, her approach is holistic, fun and just UNIQUE. Go see her! She is an amazing human being who can help you figure out your story. She cares about you, she is good at what she does, and she will empower you to OWN your story and your life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Amanda for your time, your passion, listening, interest in my journey, my life and the person I am.

    Manale Ganiere
  • Amanda brings a rare mixture of creative storytelling skills and business savvy. She truly knows how to drill down to the heart of the business and sharpen the overall messaging. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

    Marra Hensby
    My Pure Earth
  • I had a goal to setup a music business since 2014. Over the years, the direction was meandering. I was going nowhere with my business plan. Then I was advised to look into the branding of my curriculum. So that's how I found Amanda.

    The journey was incredible. From branding a product to branding myself - it was a big learning curve for me, needing to face my fears of being fully in the limelight.

    Amanda supported me in ways that others tried but could not move me. She was listening and was non-judgmental. She was accepting and open to anything I had to say. Most importantly, she gave me space to explore what I want, and yet balanced it enough to have me achieve the milestones we both set together.

    Working with Amanda I learned and discovered new skills and developed habits that are propelling me forward.

    Today, I have set up social media platforms, created an effective website, have my hands full writing blogs, found business investors who believe in my vision, and am putting my business plans into action... now I wake up every day thinking what's next for!

    Goo Gui Ping
    Teacher Ping

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