Technology: it’s a love-hate relationship. We all feel that way, even among the geekiest of us. We suffer through software failures, jargon, confusion with endless features and being outpaced by the market, but we work our way through it anyway. Why? Because we realise despite the frustrations, technology is the great equalizer.

But it doesn’t change the fact it can be a pain in the ass. We know from research with the communitythat technology challenges are real and prevalent. So how to make the easiest time of it for our businesses?

Here are 5 business tech tips to get you going:

  • Educate yourself with the essentials. Yes, easier said than done with the mass of information available. But advancing your business inevitably means focusing on technology and how it can serve your business. So build a resource list to keep track of what’s relevant, any trends and what may affect your business in the long-run. Cloud software is every entrepreneur’s best friend – cheap, accessible solutions for accounting, emailing and team collaboration. Create a Twitter list and follow business and tech magazines. It’s important to invest the time to understand which tools and technology to improve your business, quicker than your is a community specifically aimed at driving technology adoption by women led businesses that run events addressing the information and knowledge gap and can help with those probing questions.
  • Review your business. Basically, spend as much time on the business as you do running the business. A good place to start is to make a list of the areas of your business which are giving you the most headache. There will be tools available to automate those areas. Run a tech diagnosis of your current functionality, how you’re collecting and storing information, etc. What tools are you currently using and what are their functions? Note what you have, what you need that’s essential and what you need that’s desired so you can rank their priority as you work on the business. There are plenty of tech solutions out there that specifically address these pain points but first you need to know what the pain point are.
  • Be prepared to invest the time and money into a scalable infrastructure. In the first few years of running your business it may not be relevant to systemize, but there’ll come a point when you’re ready to scale, and it’s at that point you’ll want to invest time and money into your tech infrastructure.
  • Get savvy with your broadcasting. There are a host of social media and broadcasting tools available to supercharge your outreach. Have you researched which are best for your industry? Do you regularly communicate on social media and through various channels? You can leverage time saving broadcast tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Faccebook Ads to get you in front of your target audience. Check out for case studies of how SMEs are leveraging Twitter.
  • Content is king, so get yourself a throne! Times have changed and with it how people read and digest information, relate to brands and buy their products. Today it’s all about becoming a visible expert in your field, being transparent and getting in front of you target audience with relevance and value. How do you do that exactly? You create an online presence, you blog on your area of expertise, contribute and offer information and solutions. Contrary to the scarcity mindset of the past, today offering more gets you more.

It’s a digital era, we’re all in the business of leveraging technology. We might as well learn to love it.

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