Work With Me

You’ve just started a business (heck, maybe you’ve been in business a while) but...

You’re still unsure what your message is and how to tell your story in a way fully expresses who you are and reaches your dream client.

And that, love, is a problem.

It’s manifesting in all sorts of ways:

  • You don’t know what makes you different or stand out from “the others”
  • Your pitch is falling on deaf ears
  • You’re overwhelmed and unsure about your next move
  • Your web copy is impersonal and not “you”
  • Your content and marketing is all over the place (or non-existent)
  • You’re not a sought after expert in your industry, despite being at it for a number of years
  • Sales are limp and inconsistent
  • The book you’re writing isn’t sending home the point you REALLY want to make (the ideas are lookin’ a little scrambled)
  • People don’t quite get what you do, or what the value is, no matter how you phrase it

The gist is this: If you don't have a story, you don't have a strategy.

Your story, after all, is how you communicate, connect with people, and create a kick-ass content and succinct marketing campaigns.

Your story is YOU. Your brand. It’s the very thing (the only thing!) that makes you different from all the millions of businesses out there.

You need to find your story, your why, your unique factor and your strategy for moving forward – from your website to paper book.

That’s exactly what I do and I’m here to help.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to serve others and make a positive impact, without compromising on who they really are or the lifestyle they want to live.

Because when we are happy and contributing our passion and gifts, that’s the best thing we can offer the world. When we bring our whole self and story to our business, that’s when we’re truly seen, when we make a heartfelt connection, and when we can really make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s my mission to help you build an authentic story-lead brand, shaped from the heart outwards, so it’s sustainable for you and irresistible to the people you want to work with most.