A little about me and how this whole thing works...

I’m known for asking powerful questions to help entrepreneurs (like yourself) tell the story that’s burning inside them to move their business in a direction that’s aligned with their goals, values, sense of integrity, and, most practically, the people the most want to help and work with.

I write copy that expresses your message and shares with the world the incredible passion behind your work.

It’s a process that goes beyond a fancy bio and catchy tagline.

It explores all areas of your business… so you have the words and clarity to capture the hearts and minds of the people you most want to serve so they’re emotionally connected and ready to say YES to what you offer.


  • What drives you? “Why” do you do what you do?
  • What’s the thing that makes you different?
  • What’s unique about your process and packages?
  • What are your clients going through that makes you the best person to help?
  • What’s your one-of-a-kind message and how do we express it in a way that stays true to who you are why deeply resonating with your audience?
  • How does your brain work? (In other words) how do you view the world and how does it colour your approach to work, life, people, ideas, though-leadership?

(This part is always fun as I reflect back what makes you “distinctly you” and therefore, completely irreplaceable and distinct from others in your industry)

Here’s the thing. I know you’ve probably tried to write your own copy, but for some reason, it’s falling flat. It’s not convincing or saying what you really want it to say. It’s, well... off.

And maybe you’re starting to come to terms with the idea you could use a little help. You’re just a little hesitant about who to trust (understandably!) and who can actually help you to wrangle the words you need to make a tangible difference to your business.  

I’ve helped 70+ business owners go from struggling to articulate what they do, to “Amanda, you literally saved my business from going under”.



"I heard a lot of great things about Amanda from various people so, as I was getting increasingly frustrated by my limitations to convey the right message about my business, I decided to engage her services.

I was impressed by Amanda's ability to quickly grasp my business and the issues that needed to be fixed. What truly amazed me was her ability to reformulate my thoughts in a simple yet powerful way. At times it felt she was inside my mind!

I fell in love with what she wrote. Working with Amanda was a privilege."


"Amanda asks the right questions and found ways to explore and write about my business that I just could not. She gave a clear layout of my project and spoke to me like a friend, not a client. There was no b*llshit! Amanda inspires the uninspired - she helps people create an honest story about their business, something they can be proud of!"


"Amanda waded through my streams of consciousness and somehow latched on to the nexus of my ideas; not just what we are doing but why. I read what she wrote and thought – wow, she really gets us. That sort of instant understanding is priceless, after all if your brand storyteller does not understand who and what you are, then how will the customer? Amanda is a born storyteller."






    •  90-minute strategy and messaging session via Zoom or face-to-face that extracts your unique story and brand strategy (while positioning your expertise and packages!)

    • A brand story framework document that outlines your one-of-a-kind message. This is a document that breaks down the messaging for you to use as a guide and reference

    • Webcopy for your Home, About and Services page

    • A revision call where we review the copy together and make collaborative changes

    • Additional revision round via email (if needed, but usually it isn’t!)


 "I had been putting off doing my web site for sometime and realised I needed someone to hold my hand through the process. When I came across Amanda’s web site and her offering of the ‘full shebang’ I was immediately hooked. Her choice of words made me laugh and it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to tell my story in a way that would connect with potential clients and explain what I do without all the jargon. Amanda helped me do all of that and get to the core of me and my work.” 

“It's one thing to write for someone else, but it is completely another to write for yourself. With that in mind, I wanted to have an external perspective, from someone I could be myself with. Amanda makes people feel comfortable, is great with words, and made the process motivating. The brainstorming session was the kind everyone starting a business or being at a crossroad should have. She asked challenging questions that made me think and voice things that I struggled to say. Amanda captured it! Storytelling is key today, especially online. Storytelling and content writing must be done right. It’s so important to find a writer with great chemistry. Thank you, Amanda!”


Marra Hensby

My Pure Earth

Amanda brings a rare mixture of creative storytelling skills and business savvy. She truly knows how to drill down to the heart of the business and sharpen the overall messaging. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

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