Businesses with Heart – Networking events in 2018

“I’m not here so my business self can talk to their business selves. I’m here to talk from my heart to their hearts.”

That’s what all this is about, really.

It’s a space of true belonging.


Every part of you is welcome here.

Your quirky self. Your business self. Your shy self. Your ambitious self. Your awkward self. 

It’s a place let our guards down so we can SHARE


Be present. Learn.

Be uncertain but open.

So we can bring our soulful self and our business self to the same event.

 Blending business development and self-development

With a firm belief in being yourself and giving people space to do the same.

 “You will always belong anywhere you show up as yourself and talk about yourself and your work in a real way”

And that’s what we hope to achieve…

So you’re seen and so you can grow all areas of your life and business.



A place for likeminded entrepreneurs and creatives to come together (dreamers, do-gooders, and the purpose-driven) to build themselves, each other, and their businesses. 

There’ll be ice breakers and opportunities to share your ideas and talk about your business. 

There’ll be FACILITATED networking and activities designed to create deeper conversations and connection – that means, no awkward moments of standing around or shoving cards in peoples faces. 

 Its business focused but doesn’t leave mind, body and soul (and friendship!) out of the conversation – it’s part of it!

It’s rooted in the belief that business is a spiritual journey.

 Because business weaves purpose, bravery, profit, impact, meaning, belief, connection.

THE VISION IS THIS: Come as a stranger and leave as a friend

Rid the small talk and loneliness, welcome connection. 

 Business can be fun, real, honest, meaningful and supportive.

Let’s get a bunch of awesome, big-hearted people in one room and create that space. 


7.00- 7.30 Warm welcome and circle introduction 

7.30 – 8.15 Connection icebreaker (everyone introduces themselves and their biz!)

8:15 – 8.30 mini talk on the power of connection 

8:30 – 9.15 Fun, intimate, networking activity that facilities deeper conversations and connections

9:15-9.30 Circle wrap up and close