Write A Book

You have a book in you, but you need some coaching and editorial assistance along the way.

Maybe you need some objective feedback, a strategy that fits your book into your larger brand and content strategy, or an editor who can polish your chapters into a work of art. As one of my clients put it, I help “connect the dots” so you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.


Content editing

An editor who nurtures quality content & the bigger picture


Book Clarity

Need to get your expertise on paper but not sure how?

The book clarity package gets your ideas from head-to-paper so you can complete your book with confidence.

The most pressing step to completing your book is setting the structure and direction, which includes:

  • Defining the message of the book given your target audience and larger business strategy – we will look at your concept and key ideas, breaking them down into accessible pieces, deciding what’s relevant and what’s not
  • Outlining each section and chapter, defining how the book should be structured and what content should be included in each section
  • Developing and defining your methodologies or signature “take” on things – which is essential to your book consensus and your messaging moving forward.

You have the ideas and knowledge, I extract and structure them so they “make sense” and appeal like catnip to your audience. After all, what’s a book if no one wants to read it?

After we work together you’ll have content you can build on – it’s a “guide” you can use to develop blogs, talks and articles.




We have a hands-on 90 min session, going through the above three areas. I’ll ask questions, you spill your knowledge, I structure, interpret and work with you to refine your ideas.
After the session, I will draft and outline and carry out additional research to fill any gaps. I will define your methodology and how it lends itself to your book and the book’s structure and contents. Around 4-6 days after the session I send the outline to you with any action points. You review it ready for our second session.
We meet a second time to go through the outline – in this session you ask any outstanding questions and clarify the outline and methodology. We tweak any areas that need refining until the book structure, outline and prompts are confirmed.
Once the structure and outline is complete, you get to writing the book! We agree on a timeline. 30 days? 45 days?
You write your heart out until it’s complete and ready for editing and print.

Ready to write that bestseller?

Content Editing

You’ve written the pages and now you need and editor to glean through it.

There are all different types of editors (you can read about them here) which one you need depends on your specific requirements.

This package is an intensive form of editing that looks at your book as a whole, correcting, rewriting and restructuring to develop coherence, organisation and consistency. It looks at logic, transitions and style to improve flow and messaging.

It’ll look into:

  • Whether you've made your points with logic and clarity
  • Whether sections need to be reworked
  • Rewriting where necessary and rearranging the text so it flows in a way that makes sense and is cohesive enough for people to follow
  • Originality and repetition – nothing kills a book quicker than repetition, so the editing process streamlines and consolidates
  • Builds upon a core consensus so by the end the reader has got the message loud and clear

The editing package includes structural and content edits with suggestions, rewrites, tracking, changes and recommendations as appropriate, polishing until the final edit.

I provide a plan and timeline on review of the manuscript.

It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the level of editing required. But whatever it is, you can be sure that I’ll manage your expectations and budget before we start the project.

Put the finishing touches on your book.