Hi there! I’m Amanda Blum, a writer, storyteller and humanist.

I help you find + package your story so you can build a (wildly beautiful) brand that struts the line between truth and impact.

What does that mean exactly?

It means your story is the key to touching the hearts of people all around the world, sharing a powerful message, and winning clients who love what you do.

What else can I tell you?

I’m one of those people who talks about Love a lot.

If you believe love belongs in business, we’re going to get along just swell.

Because maybe, like me, you believe that you have to LOVE what you do and the people you serve to have a fulfilling life and business.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing work you’re passionate about with people who appreciate what you do and connect you on a deep and soul-satisfying level.

I wholeheartedly believe that’s what we were born to do… that the purpose of life is to find that sweet spot between Self-love and Contribution. And that our businesses are a means to create something beautiful on this planet.

But it isn't an easy journey.

There’s insecurities and steep learning curves.

And maybe you haven’t quite found your balance yet.

Maybe you’re terrified of starting a business. Maybe you’re still searching for your voice and your story and don’t know what to do next.

Maybe you need the tools and strategy to market in a way that feels natural, right and easy. Maybe you need the words to powerfully express who you are. Maybe you just need the EXACT STEPS to building your brand.

Whatever the case, I help you wrangle your way to clarity & stay true to who you are through Story.

I help you package your gifts and communicate in a way that speaks to the heart of your dream client so you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS with the utmost authenticity and o’natural magnetism.

I also run workshops and mastermind groups to help you find your story and build a brand from the ground up. It’s a little slice of magic.


    nathalie client testimonialRachel RidgwellGoo Gui Ping
  • I was in the midst of wanting to make something out of my passion, and after seeing Ping (a close friend ) build her business after coaching and support from Amanda, I felt it was time for me to investment in myself.
    Amanda is a powerful coach. She knows what to ask to help you think deeper and have more affirmation about your path. Building my brand and business was not smooth because I still had my full time job, however Amanda held me in commitment to the goal. That's what I needed, otherwise I would be still doing something that I don’t enjoy. I have since quit my job and now focus full time on my passion!
  •  "I had been putting off doing my web site for sometime and realised I needed someone to hold my hand through the process. When I came across Amanda’s web site and her offering of the ‘full shebang’ I was immediately hooked. Her choice of words made me laugh and it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to tell my story in a way that would connect with potential clients and explain what I do without all the jargon. Amanda helped me do all of that and get to the core of me and my work.” 

  • "Two weeks ago, we launched Giftyard and we have been wowed by the experience. Thanks to Amanda we got our first footing right. Our brains are brimming with stories we are gonna share, products we will be churning out, events we are going to hold, collaborations we are going to make. Behold, the year of execution!

    There are some people you should align yourself with when you start a business. Or even when you want your brand to make an impact, it's up to you to recognise the angels who are there to help. Amanda, she's one of them."
  • "I heard a lot of great things about Amanda from various people so, as I was getting increasingly frustrated by my limitations to convey the right message about my business, I decided to engage her services.

    I was impressed by Amanda's ability to quickly grasp my business and the issues that needed to be fixed. What truly amazed me was her ability to reformulate my thoughts in a simple yet powerful way. At times it felt she was inside my mind!

    I fell in love with what she wrote. Working with Amanda was a privilege."

  • "Amanda asks the right questions and found ways to explore and write about my business that I just could not. She gave a clear layout of my project and spoke to me like a friend, not a client. There was no b*llshit! Amanda inspires the uninspired - she helps people create an honest story about their business, something they can be proud of!"

  • "Amanda waded through my streams of consciousness and somehow latched on to the nexus of my ideas; not just what we are doing but why. I read what she wrote and thought – wow, she really gets us. That sort of instant understanding is priceless, after all if your brand storyteller does not understand who and what you are, then how will the customer? Amanda is a born storyteller."

  • Amanda is sharp and spot on. I felt guided, assured and on the right track. The process of crystalizing the strategy, however, was gruelling. I needed to soul search and ask myself sometimes deep fundamental questions that would made me question my core. I gained so much value that was outside of the scope of work. As an entrepreneur starting out, there are times when I tremble from lack of self-confidence. This is when Amanda was able to recognise my moment of doubt and give me a poke. I was made to confront my insecurities that were blocking me, which were tough to admit and terrifying to confront. But I had to face my fears head on or I will be left paralysed. It was done in a most classy and caring way. Amanda is one of a kind. Anyone can write, but only Amanda Blum has the sharp intuition to know exactly what to write about, to whom, why and how.

    Abelene Hu
    My Healing Journeys
  • The moment I met Amanda I was drawn by her gentle and kind personality. She is passionate and I could relate to her in a way I could not explain. Amanda truly cares about people and entrepreneurs who challenge themselves to build their story and their lives. Working with Amanda was a true adventure into self-discovery and an amazing experience. Amanda stays true to herself and, thanks to her genuine interest in people and love of life, her approach is holistic, fun and just UNIQUE. Go see her! She is an amazing human being who can help you figure out your story. She cares about you, she is good at what she does, and she will empower you to OWN your story and your life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Amanda for your time, your passion, listening, interest in my journey, my life and the person I am.

    Manale Ganiere
  • Amanda brings a rare mixture of creative storytelling skills and business savvy. She truly knows how to drill down to the heart of the business and sharpen the overall messaging. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

    Marra Hensby
    My Pure Earth
  • I had a goal to setup a music business since 2014. Over the years, the direction was meandering. I was going nowhere with my business plan. Then I was advised to look into the branding of my curriculum. So that's how I found Amanda.

    The journey was incredible. From branding a product to branding myself - it was a big learning curve for me, needing to face my fears of being fully in the limelight.

    Amanda supported me in ways that others tried but could not move me. She was listening and was non-judgmental. She was accepting and open to anything I had to say. Most importantly, she gave me space to explore what I want, and yet balanced it enough to have me achieve the milestones we both set together.

    Working with Amanda I learned and discovered new skills and developed habits that are propelling me forward.

    Today, I have set up social media platforms, created an effective website, have my hands full writing blogs, found business investors who believe in my vision, and am putting my business plans into action... now I wake up every day thinking what's next for TeacherPing.com!

    Goo Gui Ping
    Teacher Ping

In a nutshell? I help you get to where you want to go through story coaching, brand strategy, and the power of the written word.


(We're getting personal now)

I’ve been in love with stories for as long as I can remember.

Growing up as a London city kid, my mother often told me stories of her upbringing the Philippines, walking barefoot for miles every morning to sell milk from the family farm. Her stories made me realise there was more “out there” than I could ever imagine, people living a life far different from my own.

A mixed cultured heritage (my dad’s English-German) and migrating to the states when I was 15, pretty much solidified my lifelong interest in how cultures and people come together.

That led to studying humanity’s “bigger story" (a degree in Anthropology and English Literature) and diving headfirst into storytelling, working as a writer at a tiny museum in Alabama once I graduated.

Eclectic interest makes for good stories

I interviewed civil rights leaders (Martin Luther King’s attorney, friends of Rosa Parks, and many of the people responsible for desegregation) and developed exhibits to tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement.


I can tell you, there’s nothing quite like hearing stories directly from the mouths of legends; people who banked their life on serving humanity and literally used their stories to create change. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

As an anthropologist at heart, I've developed a knack for asking powerful questions, inquiring into what makes us tick a human beings. It’s one of the most profound speculations we can have, right up there with what’s the meaning of life?

What does make humans tick? What causes us to act? Create mass movements and revolutions? To care and put our integrity on the line? These questions underscore my work as a storyteller and ability to dig a little bit deeper.

Whether its creating social revolutions or business revolutions, its the message and story that inspires people to take action. Everything we do as people comes down to the stories we tell - and I'm all about telling stories that matter and that have the power to shake things up. 



A left & right brained BohemianFreedom, living on your own terms, and using entrepreneurship as a catalyst to create love for self and others mean everything to me. 

You could say I'm a bit of an overachieving hippie.

I’ve lived in a forest, harvested mushrooms in the mountains with a mycologist (a fungi expert), acted as a street performer, drank beer at 9am with New Mexico farmers snacking on beef jerky, strategised nation-wide campaigns, brokered deals in boardrooms, worked with stem cell scientists, and co-ran conferences for female entrepreneurs.  

Stories are my life’s work. From synthesising interviews as a writer, to analysing data and marketing campaigns, to using it as a tool for self-discovery and providing entrepreneurs heartfelt guidance for their brands.

Having worked all over the world mastering the fine art of storytelling, content marketing and authentic branding, I now have the pleasure of working with start-ups, solopreneurs and SMEs (check out what folks have to say) and it’s an absolute honour and calling.


A couple years ago, clients and friends told me I spearhead “businesses with heart” and that my articles and stories bring out the human element, helping to pave the way for purposeful business.

I LOVE that, and have used the term ever since, almost as a rallying cry for what I believe in.

They inspired me to write my upcoming book about branding with story and heart.


I used to think “authenticity” was one of those cheese-ball words, until the true meaning of it hit me.

Authenticity is about constantly checking in with ourselves. Are we happy? Are we being honest? Are our words, actions and emotions in alignment? How do we really feel? What do we really believe in? It's checking our intentions and integrity (and sometimes confronting uncomfortable truths) so we can liberate ourselves and give something beautiful and honest to the world. 

I believe authenticity is the highest form of honouring our brief existence on this planet - and it’s the purist form of giving.

The world is full of defenses, and it’s those who live with an open and loving heart who inspire shifts and heal that planet. It’s not just a new wave of ethical business, but a way to get in touch with our humanity, and strive for growth and win-win solutions.

I am so grateful to be alive right here, right now, to be part of it.

My promise and commitment is to connect with people, with YOU, and strive to see the true meaning of what you do.... helping you follow your calling and positively impact the world. Together, let's spur heart-lead business forward! 

I do the work, see the results and know it's pure magic

Whether you’re a total newbie wanting to embark on a fulfilling path, or been in business a while and want to reconnect with your identity and your audience so you can build a meaningful brand, I would love to help and offer my storytelling guidance and toolbox.

Let's make magic with stories.